Will a Portable Sauna Help You Lose Weight?

Admittedly my weight tends to fluctuate with the seasons, usually leading to a mad diet rush come February to start getting ready for the upcoming summer. This year, a friend of mine brought to my attention this device – a portable infrared sauna – that would hasten weight loss, thus diet time. Being me, I had to give it a try.

First I did my research and found among reviews that not only did a portable infrared sauna induce weight loss, it detoxifies the body. With my lifestyle of fast food French fries and soda pop, I figured a little detox was not going to hurt. I picked the model that had the best reviews for a portable infrared sauna, and got started on what I was hoping was going to be an effortless weight loss.

How does the Infrared Sauna Work?

Therapy using heat has been used for centuries, but never given much credit by modern medicine. With an infrared sauna, infrared light is used to create that heat, as opposed to using steam or hot rocks. Infrared penetrates the body faster and raises the core temperature by 2 to 3 degrees higher. Plus, the heat penetrates further, forcing out toxins from the deep cells inside of your body. As sweat is created, it heads to the surface of your skin and out of your body, taking dangerous toxins with it.

The interesting thing I learned while studying infrared saunas is that the sweat created from activity or exercise does not have the same detoxing effect. Other systems activated by exercise block toxins from leaving the body. The only way to detox naturally and effectively is encouraging your body to sweat while at rest.

Portable Infrared Saunas and Weight Loss

As a part of the detox process, fat cells are broken down. This is because inside of the fat cells is where your body stores toxins. When the body is heated up during rest, those fat cells will begin to melt away.

I used my portable infrared sauna for 25 minutes a day, and in one month had lost 11 pounds with no effort. This was not water weight either as some may suggest. I also decreased my body fat by 4%, and that cannot be blamed on water.

Speaking of water, make sure that you drink a full glass beforehand, and one after the sauna time is complete. Also remember that you should never exceed one hours inside of the sauna. This is a very relaxing experience, so if you are feeling over tired, and think you way fall asleep inside, save the sauna treatment for the next day.

I have to admit that I am impressed with this product. My infrared sauna blanket was set up in front of the couch, allowing me to watch TV as I lost weight. I am going to keep going with the sauna until I am comfortable with my weight.

Making a French Fry Without any Fry

Technology in all things is incredible, and constantly keeps us guessing what can they possibly think of next. This is how we first felt when hearing of a kitchen gadget called an air or oilless fryer. How in the world would it be possible to fry food without any oil?

The original assumption of course was that the health crazed had a hand in this and were hell bent on ruining home made French fries for the whole world. This prompted me to try it for myself and see first what the science behind it is, and if it can actually turn a potato into a French fry.

The Science Behind the Air and Oil Less Fryer

This new fryer machine looks just like the one you are used to having in your kitchen, right down to the metal basket to hold your potatoes. And that is where the similarity ends. Instead of dropping that basket into a vat of scorching hot oil, you are dropping it into… air?

The air and oil less fryer works on the same concept as a convection oven, circulating very hot air around the food until it is cooked.  To get that “fried feel” you brush the potato, or whatever you are cooking, with a light coat of oil. This is supposed to give it the authenticity of being deep fried.

So How Did it Stack Up?

The cooking itself was almost as fast as my deep fryer usually does, and to be honest a lot less messy.

The French fries were not bad either. It is almost like comparing a French fry to really good mashed potatoes. Both are equally delicious in their own rite, but have distinct differences. That is the way I felt about the fry that was not really fried anymore. It was delicious, but definitely different than its deep fried in oil cousin.

Apparently you can soak the fries in water first for more of a fried taste, which maybe I will try next time around.

Of course, my health conscious girlfriend was much more impressed than I with the concept and raved for hours about the unique taste. Good news for me, as I am well aware that a happy wife equals a happy life.

What I Really Loved About the Air Oil Less Fryer

First was the easy clean up. Let’s face it, most of use the oil in the deep fryer way longer than we should, rather than dealing with disposing of it.

The second benefit was the seasoning. With fried fries, you really have to wait until they are out of the fryer to season, making it just a coating. With this kitchen appliance you can actually get different flavors that are baked on, which is a big plus in my book.

Will this replace my deep fryer in my kitchen? No. There are too many quick wings and fries in my future to do that, but this machine definitely does have its place. I’ll keep mine for when I am feeling creative, or entertaining a guest who actually does care about their saturated fat consumption.

How Technology is Improving Snorkel Gear

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and affordable outdoor hobby is snorkeling. Although once associated with military operations and sponge diving, snorkeling vacation has broken into the surface of seaside leisure. This hobby which started as hollow reeds, has allowed us to discover the undersea wonders far beyond our imaginations and modern technology has made it easy for us to do.


A lot of the things that we enjoy today saw their first light of day during World War II and snorkeling is no different. When Navy divers, the precursor of the Seals, needed special diving equipment for special missions against the Japanese in the Pacific, efforts were devoted in making their snorkeling mask and scuba tanks as efficient and safe to use as possible. After the war, the same type of equipment because available for recreational use.

In the early 20th century, snorkeling technology has taken a fast and furious development which lead to what it is today. Waterproof goggles became standard gadget even to the most casual divers. Today, you can find the best prescription snorkel mask†in any sports equipment supplier in your area.

Modern Snorkeling Technology

As snorkeling vacation became increasingly popular, developments to make its equipment safe and easy to use have increased significantly. With the advent of improved silicone and rubber compounds manufacturers are able to produce better mask using true color glasses†in place of hazy glasses which characterized old-model dive masks. This reminds me of GPS in place of a compass. Here are some of modern snorkeling gear.

  • Finsóalthough we can swim using our bare feet, fins help a lot in making us swim faster even when the sea current is against us. Nowadays, you can find full-foot fins with long PVC blades in all kinds of designs and sizes. And with research and development in the area of ergonomics on the rise, you can find the best designs that will fit you.
  • True color dive maskódesigned primarily for technical divers, hunters and cave divers who require improved contrast and edge definition, these dive mask are also available for hobby divers who dive for recreational purposes. For those with visual problems, you can find the best prescription snorkel mask with true color glasses.
  • Ergonomic snorkelóusually made of PVC, it has an ergonomic mouthpiece that allows that fits the contours of your mouth for comfortable breathing. It has a one-way purge valve to get rid of the water that gets to your mouth and a splash resistant guard.

These are some of the improvements that modern technology has brought into the snorkeling gear. It has made hobby diving safe and easier and consequently it has made it doable and available to most of us. So for your next vacation, make sure to check for the latest diving equipment and donít forget to stash it in your luggage. Remember, there is more to be discovered in the underwater world than you can imagine and technology has made it easy for you to do.

Learning to Hunt With a Recurve Bow and Arrow

I grew up in a family of hunters, but was never a big fan of rifles. It just didn’t seem right to me that such a powerful weapon be used against unarmed animals. After years of turning down invitations to join in on hunting trips, I finally found the solution that helps me spend time with my family, but doesn’t hurt my conscience.

It was my father who got me the recurve bow and arrow when I was a beginner. I started taking practice shots in the yard and realized that there is a lot of skill involved in archery. This, I thought, would make hunting more of a challenge.

Now there have been technological advances in recurve bow and arrow hunting that I did find useful. You can mount an electronic sight to one and even a camera to help you see better and record the hunt. You should however check your local legislation to find out if these types of add ons are legal in the state you are hunting in.

A bow sight for your recurve bow is another useful device that can improve on your shots. This helps with accuracy and precision. For a pro, they have had the experience with knowing exactly what to look for, but for me it took some time to find a bow shot that I found to be useful. Check the reviews for these carefully. Hunters can offer great insight into what makes one better over another.

If you don’t know, a bow sight is an automatic device that is attached to the riser of your bow to help you pinpoint the target with more accuracy. It works like a scope on a rifle, allowing you to take clear aim by placing the target at its center. This gives you a slight advantage in your shots compared to trying to aim without one.

I attribute my fast learning of the recurve bow and arrow to having the bow sight attached to it. As an amateur I think that my hit percentage is above average. I go to a local range to practice and find that I am just as good as many of the archers there who have had years of practice using the recurve bow.

I don’t now have this great love of hunting of course, but I can enjoy it better by putting myself close to the same level as the animals that I am shooting at. For me, there is more of a challenge this way, which makes it a more acceptable sport.

Does Anyone Use a Compass Anymore?

For centuries the magnetic compass has been used for navigation at times being the only reliable means of finding your way with no sun or stars to guide you. Now that is all types of sophisticated tools and apps and should have made the compass obsolete, and yet they haven’t. Hand over fist, it is still the better tool for navigating small crafts or when on foot.

This realization hit me this fall while out on a camping trip. I had all my gear, camping tent, sleeping bag and camping stove but didn’t think about the compass. I figured with a cell phone with GPS what was the worst that could happen?

So we went hiking with our backpacking backpack stocked filled with everything you would think we could need, except a compass. But that trusty iPhone was there so what could go wrong.

What went wrong was that we got lost, really lost. Like standing in the middle of the woods turning in circles and scratching our heads lost. Well, I figured, the lodge would be on the GPS on my phone and from there we could get back to our camping tents.

I still don’t know if the lodge was on the GPS because I had no signal to get it. Worse, I had hardly any juice in the phone to keep it on, and that big Hemlock tree sure didn’t have a place where I could plug in my charger. So we wandered, lost, with no viable means of knowing which way our camp site was. The only thing working in our favor was a clear sky, which helped us figure out that we were at least heading in a consistent direction, albeit the wrong one.


Long story short, we found the road that led to the camp grounds that got us finally to the lodge and then back to our campsite, and the safety of our camping tents.

So, the moral of this tale is that sometimes simpler is better. A magnetic compass needs no signal, it gets that from the center of the earth. And that’s not running out any time soon. It needs no juice to keep it going, it operates entirely on mechanics, imagine that. And it is weatherproof. Just think about that for a second. You’re stuck in a rainstorm and need to know how to get home. Would you rather pull out your very water sensitive $400 phone and hope you have a signal, or do you want a compass to look at?

So as much as GPS and apps and the tech heads will want you to believe the compass is obsolete, they couldn’t be further from the truth. This centuries old tool is likely to still be around hundreds of years from now, while the Galaxy phone will be long forgotten.

Looking for a Christmas present for your tech-interested child? Think about an air rifle

It is the time of the year, the Christmas rush. Have you ever thought of what to give your child? Well, for one, you have to know what kind of stuff your child likes. Most of the children today are so interested in hi-tech toys. And with that in mind you can consider buying your kid an pellet gun. It is not the usual gift you can give a child because of the common assumptions with guns. But it is the perfect gift to give for a child who is adventurous and loves hi-tech toys.

When a child grows up, the fondest memories stem from the activities parents spend with them. Taking your child out for air rifle hunting is an exciting way for you to bond, and a great way to create memorable moments that will surely be cherished by both of you. Hunting with air rifles is also a wonderful way to introduce the world of outdoor adventures. There are plenty of small games available to hunt outdoors and at the same time, besides the excitement the activity brings, it gives them the sense of fulfillment for providing an evening meal for the family.

As a parent I know that your major concern about giving air rifle is centered upon the safety of your child. This is normal and we will cover this issue in depth to remove all hesitations you have about air rifles. Below are things you should consider why air rifles are a perfect Christmas present for you hi-tech child.

Firearm Education

A child that is not exposed to shooting sports grows up to be adults that don’t hunt. Introducing air rifles to a child as early as now reduces gun accidents. A child we be able to learn how to properly handle guns and will instill in him discipline regarding shooting.

Develops Marksmanship

Air rifle shooting provides an opportunity to practice and develop marksmanship. You should allow them to practice shooting before their first hunt. Support them by setting up some targets in a safe location and let them be accustomed with the air rifle. This will instill precision and marksmanship that will benefit them as an adult in the future.

Learns Safety

Air rifle is a serious business and hunting with them is likewise a serious venture. Giving a child an air rifle and get them to attend safety training is a must. This will teach your child to take precautions and adhere to safety guidelines. It will also instill in them that an “air rifle is not a toy” – they will be responsible enough in handling such.

Responsible Act

The presentation of the media regarding guns shows that it is a powerful object that gives power to a person handling it. A child exposed to air rifles at an early age learns about the seriousness of the object. With an air rifle at hand, comes an important responsible act.
There you have it! There are more good things about air rifles as a Christmas present. It teaches your child discipline and proper hunting etiquette. So get your child one, shoot with them and create wonderful memories they will cherish for life. Happy Holidays!

Reviewing an Online School For Ultrasound Techs

I’ve been looking at these reviews being done online for a while now, and can definitely see where some have more value over others. Still, it can’t hurt to check out what other people have to say about anything you are planning on spending your hard earned money on, online or in a brick and mortar.

One of the more important reviews that you will find online are the ones that are letting you know how these online school and classes are. I have had a few buddies put their money into these types of programs only to find out they didn’t learn anything of value.

You absolutely have to find a site where real people who actually took classes are posting their opinions. Star ratings are good too, but you want to make sure that this guy isn’t just complaining because he never logged in so got a failing grade. The reviews are going to help you identify any problem areas to see if they are something you can live with.

An Ultrasound Technician School

Here’s one that I was looking into recently for my girl friend. She wants to do something meaningful with her life and thought that looking at tiny babies would do the trick. I was skeptical at first, but once I started doing research online I found a few things out:

  • Ultrasound tech salary: They can make a lot of money if you get in with a reputable doctors office.
  • Ultrasound tech hours: Again, if in a private setting they are typically 9 to 5 gigs, maybe a Saturday. If you work in a hospital setting though the hours are all over the place.
  • Ultrasound tech school: I find a really good one that had great reviews from former students and covered all of the required class work and lab work.

So how does one become an ultrasound technician? It looks like it takes a lot of work and studying. I guess I won’t be seeing my girlfriend too much for a little while. But I like to look at the silver lining; once she lands a job I’ll be getting some great Christmas gifts.

Whatever the class is that you are considering, do your research first. Even schools that offer basic GED certificates are figuring out ways to mess that up. Some things to look for are an ease in getting in touch with your instructors, detailed class requirements and a program that has been reviewed positively by the vast majority who took the time to do a review.

My girlfriend is stoked about her new venture and is already asking me to buy her a lab coat. I’m going to do it since I am proud of her taking the initiative to try and learn a career that can sustain her future (and mine).

Aromatic Electric Essential Oil Diffusers

If you are looking for ways on how to increase your time for relaxation after a hard day’s work, you don’t have to have a hard time going to spas and go through therapy session out there. Nowadays, it is possible to experience relaxation in an aromatic sense even if you are at home. All you need to do is to make use of aromatic oil diffusers to help you create a relaxing ambiance at your work place or at home.

Most of us are aware that essential oils have been used to promote healthy well being and to aid those who are practicing therapeutic massages. Today, it is not necessary for you to actually go to various expensive spas and go through therapeutic sessions from time to time. With the variety of aromatic essential oils and by using electric aromatherapy diffusers, you can now make you can now have more time to relax your mind and body.

More and more people are aware of the essential oils and diffuser combo which is making it a popular option for individuals who have less time to spare on therapeutic activities. These oil diffusers allows the aromatic fragrance spread through the air which helps in changing the usual stressful ambiance of a workplace to a more relaxing space for the mind and the body.

What makes it more interesting is that these diffusers can even match the theme of your office or your home as they are available ion various sizes, shapes and colors. These diffusers as well vary when it comes to functionality. Some are capable of not only diffusing aromatic fragrances throughout the air but it can as well act as an ionizer or an air freshener.

Everybody needs a little taste of tranquility either if you are in the office to work overtime or you are at home resting yourself from a busy day at work. With the help of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and other popular essential oils, you can free your mind from the stressful activities you have encountered throughout the day and keep your mind and body at peace for awhile.

Through the help of these electronic diffusers, you can now have your own therapeutic session without having to pay for somebody to perform the therapy session for you. All you need to do is to put a couple of drops of essential oil into your diffuser, sit and relax until you smell the aromatic air spreading throughout the room to keep you refreshed and full of energy.


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Playing around with my dog, Zapper!

Just me and my dog zapper playing fetch around the home compound. We really had fun. I could almost feel zapper speak to me whenever I hesitated throwing him the stick to fetch, as if saying, “dude, throw that stick already!” We got along just fine today – unlike in the past when zapper would just ignore me and run, fast as he could, wondering into the neighborhood and scaring the lights out of the little children playing out.


Zapper had just completed his training for the wireless dog fence I bought to keep him from K9FenceReviews.com within a fifty-foot radius of the house. He was quite the naughty one I tell you – but not today! At first I thought he would just ignore the trainer and the whole gadget (which was rather costly) and resort back to his usual playing and running around anywhere. Other times I feared if I let this unruly behavior continue he would one day run raging like a loose cannon and attack someone!… Something!

Well, today he seemed obedient. Was it the fence, I wondered! It must have worked then! Very pleased with the training and the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System I got, I fully switched to game mode and threw the fetch stick with more energy. I must have had a sudden unusual surge of energy when I threw the stick far…really far I tell you. By the boundary flags, it landed past zappers play zone! But, did I need worry? I had the fence yeah?

Zapper jumped paws first, running to fetch the stick. He almost got to it when he stopped and rolled on the ground a bit, as if to shake off something of his back. He wiggled a bit and left the stick –lying about 4 inches of his reach- running back towards me. Attaboy!

Ok It’s a fence…not only did it make playing around with my dog zapper more fun, but also worked to ‘tame a bad dog!’ Now I knew zapper would always stick around the house. It’s amazing how the gadget worked. I was impressed that it worked and was safe both for me and for zapper.

I first learnt of the wireless dog fences through a dog blog post and different searches for dog fences. I thought the idea for a wireless dog fence was great. I tried it…and it worked.

The PetSafe wireless fence I bought had a wall-mounted transmitter, an AC adapter for the transmitter, a receiver collar, some boundary flags and extra collar probes. What ’s more, it also came with a comprehensive easy-to-follow training manual. For me, I left zapper’s training to my dog walker.

The PetSafe wireless pet containment system establishes a circular boundary around your house allowing your dog freely run and play within the safe zone. The transmitter is centrally located and is used to adjust the safe zone. For zapper I set it to a fifty-foot range – subject to adjustment. The lightweight receiver on the collar receives a signal from the transmitter whenever your dog goes beyond the set safe zone and will sound a warning beep. In case your dog strays further past the boundary, the collar –through the contact point- delivers a safe, static correction that keeps running until your dog returns into the safe zone.

Tactical Pens: Necessary or a Gimmick?

tactical pensIf you have seen the Jason Bourne series or many other actions movies, you’ll know that unexpected and dangerous situations can arise at any moment. Many times, our favourite action movie heroes are required to use whatever is in their immediate surroundings to defend themselves. This has included magazines, toasters, fly swatters and of course pens. Pens make natural great self defence tools as they are relatively sharp and there seems to be a pen lying around in most places you go. In real life though, is a pen really a reliable self-defence tool?

Introducing the Tactical Pen; a line of pens which are designed with a number of purposes in mind including self-defence. The primary use of great tactical pens though is still as a writing device however they also double as multi-use gadgets to get you out of sticky situations. Ranging in price from about $15 upwards of $100 a tactical pen is marketed for those who want a self-defence tool with them at all times and for professionals who need a robust writing for any situation. Visit tactical tech devices for more reviews.

As a writing tool, tactical pens are extremely functional. They are designed to withstand any amount of stress as they are generally made of anodized aluminum which will prevent any fracturing from taking place in rough conditions. Even if your tactical pen gets run over, it’s tough exterior should still hold up.

Tactical pens are also designed to write in any condition as well. Weather its hot or cold, rainy or snowy, the best tactical pens will allow you to write in any extreme condition. Need to write upside down? Not to worry, tactical pens are designed to work in any condition.

The secondary function of the tactical pen is to in most cases provide you with a self-defence tool. Most models will have a glass-breaker tip on one end in case you end up in a situation where you need to break a window. This glass-breaker tip is functional in a tactical pen as the weight and material of the pen will hold up when introduced to increased stress.

The tip of the pen is also chiseled to pierce objects as necessary. If you were ever attacked, a tactical pen is designed to be used similar to a knife in that it can pierce the skin of whoever is attacking you. I can definitely see how this can provide piece of mind when walking through dark parts of the city at night. Even if you never have to use it, the piece of mind of having something on you which can scare away an attacker is calming.

Further features in some models include a hand-cuff key and other little helpful devices (lights, lasers, ETC) in the case you might need them. As people generally like to carry a pen with them anyways, a lightweight tactical pen can be a good investment to deliver some peace of mind.


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